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Monthly Archives: August 2020

August 17, 2020

Foreigners have bought some 16,000 housing properties across the country since they were allowed to do so in 2015, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA).

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The number of foreigners buying property in Vietnam on the 2015-2020 period increase sharply compared with 2008-2014 period, especially in HCM City (Source: VNA)

 Foreigners have bought some 16,000 housing properties across the country since they were allowed to do so in 2015, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA).

Their number is increasing, especially of those buying in HCM City, with most buyers coming from mainland China, Japan, Singapore, and the Republic of Korea.

Vingroup, Novaland, Phu My Hung, CBRE, and Hung Thinh sold around 10,571 of the units. HCM City has accounted for about 80 percent of all their purchases.

Many apartments in major projects in HCM City like the luxury Centennial Bason, The Grand Manhattan and Alpha City in District 1, where prices range between 6,000 USD and 10,000 USD per square metre, have been bought by foreigners.

Developers need to work with foreign real estate agencies to look for foreign buyers and investors, experts said.

Companies like Khang Dien, Novaland, Vingroup, and Him Lam Land work with TVC Communication Company (Singapore) to sell apartments they build to foreign buyers.

Such cooperation is especially useful to sell in the high-end and luxury apartment segments, which attract foreign buyers, especially Chinese, HoREA said.

Some luxury projects in HCM City have even sold the maximum allowed 30 percent of their units to foreigners.

Thus, at projects such as Gateway Thao Dien, Nassim and Thao Dien Pearl in District 2 foreigners have to instead sign 50-year rental contracts.

In the case of townhouse projects, foreigners can buy up to 10 percent or 250 units.

HoREA believes that this limit is low and inappropriate, for some places with a large concentration of foreigners, such as Phu My Hung New Urban Area in District 7 with about 20,000 permanent foreigners.

To promote foreigners’ trading of real estate products on the local market, Vietnam should increase the portion of property products available for foreigners in each project, experts said./.

August 2, 2020

Getting some common phrases will make you integrate with Vietnamese companies quickly and easily. Let’s learn some of them with us! 

Working in a different country is not simple, especially if you do not understand its language. You can only use 100 percent English at work because English now is known as the second language, however knowing some common Vietnamese phrases will help you impress people in daily conversation and speed up your workflow. 

Showing your gratitude: “Cảm ơn bạn”

That means “Thank you”, or you can say “Thank you so much”. Vietnamese people are friendly at work but they are polite and particular about your words and attitude at the same time. Just some simple phrases like “Cảm ơn bạn” or “Cảm ơn bạn nhiều” can make them have a good impression on you. 

Asking for support: “Bạn giúp mình được không?

“Can you give me a hand?” is the meaning of that phrase. In our office, we often need help to complete the tasks but our colleagues maybe not be very pleased to help us sometimes. That is why you should change the way a little bit when you ask for help. Next time, when you need a hand, try to say “Bạn giúp mình được không?”, I can assure you that you will receive a hand with pleasure.

Asking for opinions: “Thế này đã ổn chưa nhỉ?” – “Is it OK?”

We use it in every single workday specifically when working in a team or with our clients. You can shorten it like “Được chưa nhỉ?” or “Ổn chưa?” if you discuss with your coworker. 

Checking progress: “Bạn xong chưa?”

When you want to say “Are you done?”, let’s try “Bạn xong chưa?” instead  , if the answer is “Yes”, say “Rồi”, if the answer is “Not yet”, say “Chưa”. I think you get so much excited expression of the person who talking with you. 

Useful phrases for social communication

Besides, Vietnamese people love having lunch with colleagues. Therefore, you can try some common phrases like “Bạn đi ăn trưa không?” (Do you want to come and have lunch with me?) or “Đi ăn trưa đi”, “Ăn trưa thôi” (Let’s have lunch together!), sounds interesting?

And then, when you leave the office, two phrases such as “Chúng ta ăn tối cùng nhau nhé” (Let’s have dinner together) or “Bạn có muốn đi chơi cùng mình không?” (Do you want to hang out with me?) are also suggested if you would love to enjoy the dinner with your colleagues to get a chance to know more about our culture. In case you have another plan, you can say “Tôi về đây” (Goodbye). 

A piece of useful information for you is Vietnamese people are hospitable and we truly appreciate it when you speak our language. So be confident and do not hesitate to ask for help. Just try to say and you can immediately see a huge difference.