July 23, 2020

Invitation Letter for Business Visa In Vietnam

Foreigners coming to Vietnam for the purpose of investment, commercial business cooperation, must apply for a business visa, which requires an invitation letter So what exactly is it? What are the procedures and documents for applying? The following article will give you the answer.

What Is An Invitation Letter?

To enter Vietnam as a businessman, you must have a sponsorship or invitation letter from a Vietnamese business partner.

According to the current regulations of Vietnam, all individuals, organizations and businesses in Vietnam have the right to invite and sponsor foreigners to enter Vietnam for business purposes.

However, in order to invite and sponsor foreigners, it is required that Vietnamese individuals, organizations and businesses must apply for entry permission for foreigners at the Immigration Department before the foreigners arrive at Vietnam.

Therefore, it takes a great deal of time and effort to apply for a Vietnam business visa on your own. It involves a variety of complex documents such as:

Legal documents of the company or enterprise that sponsors the applicant:

  • Original passport of the foreigner with at least 6-month validity and 2 blank pages.
  • Form NA5 – Declaration form for issuance, supplementation, modification of visas, extension of temporary residence.
  • Work permit or work permit exemption for DN, LĐ visa cases;
  • Investment certificate, business registration certificate for DT visa case.
  • Certificate of temporary residence of the local police where the foreigner is temporarily residing in Vietnam.

The regulations for business visa in Vietnam are often changing, requiring legal knowledge to understand and easy process. Moreover, your application may be denied if necessary documents are not provided on time.

Getting Invitation Letter for Vietnam Business Visa from an Agency

Because applying business visa by yourself is complicated, many foreigners go through an agency to get the legal document to enter Vietnam with ease.

The content of the official dispatch approved by Vietnam visa agency only includes information about individuals, organizations and enterprises inviting foreign guarantor, personal information of foreigners, duration of entry of foreigners in addition to Vietnam and the location to get Vietnam visa.

The place for issuing the visa may be at the Vietnamese diplomatic missions abroad (embassies or consulates) or at international border gates (airports, land gates, sea routes), which is of the utmost convenience for foreigners.

Upon receipt of this entry letter, individuals and organizations send it to foreigners via email, courier or fax for foreigners to carry out the procedures for applying for Vietnam visa.

Super easy and straightforward!

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